About softeners

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Your softener system has two tanks: a softener tank with the metered control unit on top; and the salt tank.  (Some softener tanks sit inside the salt tank.)

The softener tank contains tiny beads called resin, which are charged with sodium.  This resin grabs onto the hardness in your water and lets go of sodium.  Eventually, the resin becomes full of calcium and magnesium and cannot remove any more hardness.  The turbine meter in your control unit tells the softener when to regenerate, based on your water consumption.   

In order to regenerate, the softener adds water to the salt tank, thereby dissolving some of the salt.  Salt contains sodium.  The dissolved salt is then drawn into the softener tank to recharge the resin beads.

MacDonald Water Systems can help you decide if a softener is needed for your water.  For more detailed information or to place your order, go to contact us. 


For information about softener operation and maintenance click here.